Friday 16 January 2015

New Year, New Challenges!

Happy New Year!

It's been a very relaxed and chilled out start to 2015 for us. The kids have been on school holidays and are still playing (reasonably) nicely together, we've been up the coast at beautiful Boomerang Beach for our lovely annual holiday with friends and for the first 7 days of January, I put my creative hat on and did the Interiors Addict #7vignettes styling challenge on Instagram.

This was my second attempt at it and it really does push you out of your comfort zone... I was extremely shocked and delighted that I won the Domayne-sponsored December challenge (link here) so I figured this month's Kip & Co #7vignettes would really push me and one of my things to focus on in 2015 is creativity.  I'm not a natural and struggle a lot so this was the good push for the start of the year that I needed.

I decided that as it was summer and the holiday season and as I have been partaking in a bit of merriment (ahem, ok a lot), I would base it on a drinks theme. Clever huh?!?!

First off was sparkle...

Dry Martini with obligatory olive!

Then yellow... Who can go past some fresh lemonade?

Fresh homemade lemonade

Next was blue and I used the David Hockney-esk montage picture I bought at my son's school art auction. The drink was blue curacao, vodka and blueberry fizz - very yum!

Blueberry Fizz on ice by the Pool

Then green... Being a pineapple lover from when I was a little tot, I think this is my fave of the seven pictures. 

Refreshing pineapple with mint and lime

Pink was up next. It was actually more about the ice-cream than the pink milkshake but the kids were happy with the 3 or 4 cones they got to eat... It was a very hot day and they kept melting before I could get the photo!

Pink ice-cream and milkshakes - retro-style

Day 6 was rainbow and I really wouldn't recommend drinking any of these... 

Rainbow drinks with a side of M&Ms

And finally, black and white. OK, I know Oreos aren't black but they look dark enough!

And that was a wrap!

I loved participating in it and if time permits I will be there again at the start of February. To find out more, go to Jen's (Interior's Addict) website.

If you would like to follow my Instagram page, you'll find me @mintandfizz and don't worry it's not always about drinks!


Friday 27 June 2014

Caipirinhas and more...

With the World Cup in full swing now, I was interested in learning a little about Brazilian cocktails.  As Brazil is arguably the party country of the world, apart from Caipirinhas (cachaca rum, lime, sugar and ice), I have never had any other Brazilian drink, and frankly, why would I when Caipirinhas are divine!

Apparently a Caipirinha without lime is a Batida so now I'm looking forward to trying a strawberry Batida this weekend...

Strawberry Batida via All These Drinks
Rose Petal Caipirinha from Pinterest
Other fruits used in a Batida are lemon, passion fruit and coconut.  All sound equally delicious!

Some Brazilian inspiration below, just in time for the weekend (oh and of course the next round of the Football World Cup...)
Brazilian Pineapple and Coconut Batida from Pinterest
Brazilian Lemonade from The Recipe Critic
Brazilian Pineapple Juice from The House That Lars Built
From Pinterest
Caipirinha Lime with Coconut Water and Popsicles!
Football World Cup Party via Projetos Inventivos Blog
Australia might be out of this year's World Cup but the boys did us proud!
For more inspiration visit my Brazilian World Cup Pinterest Board.


Thursday 29 May 2014

... visits Byron Bay

It's been nearly 10 years since I last had a holiday in Byron Bay and it definitely won't be another 10 before I go back.  I was on a girl's long weekend and it was foodie, drinks and awesome service heaven.  We ate, we drank, we walked, we talked, we shopped, we drank, we talked, we walked, we ate, we shopped - you get the idea!

We arrived on Friday evening and went straight to our gorgeous accommodation at The Byron Luxury Beachhouses. The houses are enormous, are superbly furnished and are in a great location, being just 10mins walk away from downtown Byron.  It even had a wine fridge in the kitchen.  Now that's my kind of holiday house!

Dinner was at St Elmo which had come highly recommended from various friends (and blogs!). It didn't disappoint and the soft shell crab sliders were the highlight.

Espresso martinis, cosmopolitans with a twist and fab wines were consumed with gusto.


Brunch was divine homemade beans, poached egg on toast and awesome coffee at Dip Cafe.

A spot of shopping and then a quick (!?) drink at the Byron Bay Hotel - it was rude not to when a prime, front row table was beckoning. There were also whales to lookout for.


Home via Belongil Beach...

Dusk at Belongil Beach

Then drinks and share plates at Italian at the Pacific...

The Botanist Cocktail

Chilli and Coconut Margarita - absolutely delicious!

I might have bought a few things from the Bangalow Markets

Then a late lunch... that nearly turned into dinner!

Our view from our table at Byron Beach Cafe

Espresso Martinis and Caprioskas were consumed
Delicious Fish and Chilli Salt Chips
The last day... a long walk...

Between The Pass and the Lighthouse

I'm starting to plot the next girl's weekend away... any suggestions?

PS These views are entirely my own
PPS A different and awesome take on our weekend away is by Bec on her Say Nothing, Act Casual Blog 

Friday 11 April 2014

Strawberry Syrup

Ingredients for a Refreshing Strawberry Drink via mint+fizz Kitchen

Who doesn't love strawberries? Below is a very simple recipe for strawberry syrup which can then be added to any number of drinks... cocktails? mocktails?  Or perhaps just add a single strawberry to a cold glass of bubbles!

Ingredients you will need:

1 cup water, 1 cup white sugar, lots of strawberries (2 cups quartered)


1.  Combine water and sugar over medium-high heat
2.  Stir until sugar is dissolved
3.  Mix strawberries into mixture and bring to boil for 10 minutes
4.  Reduce heat and simmer until strawberries are mushy and sauce is thick
5.  Strain sauce into a bottle or jar (looks good in a mason jar)
6.  Add to any number of cocktail recipes or just serve with soda, mint and lime!
7.  If you don't use it all, make sure it's refrigerated and it will last for weeks.

Strawberry Rosewater Fizz via Pinterest

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas via How Sweet It Is

Rhubarb and Strawberry Lemonade via Tartelette Blog
Rhubarb Strawberry Margarita via Stir & Scribble

Strawberry Mojito via A Cup of Mai

Friday 4 April 2014

Party Drink Stations for Children

Some inspiring party drink tables on the blog today...

Flamingo Party Drink Table via Sweet Style Blog
Mermaid Party Drink Table by Paiges of Style

Drink Table via Leo and Bella

Pirate Party Drink Table via Kara's Party Ideas

Pink Lemonade Drink Table via mint+fizz Pinterest Board

Small Mason Jars with Straws via The Sweetest Occasion

Vintage Drink Bottles with Glitter, Straws & Tassels via mint+fizz Pinterest Board

"Drink Me" Mini Bottles with Straws & Twine via HWTM

Monday 31 March 2014

Minty Monday No. 4

Mint Party Pieces

Some gorgeous mint party inspiration and pieces from mint+fizz, pinterest and online websites.

From mint+fizz Instagram
Gorgeous Mint Shimmer Tassel Garland from Sundays via Lark Store 

Mint Mood Board Found on Pinterest
Mint Straws, Twine and Rustic Wooden Box via mint+fizz

Mint Washi Tape Flags via Pinterest
Mint Garland via Giddy4Paisley
Large Rustic Mint Pegs for Signs and Place cards via mint+fizz