Friday 27 June 2014

Caipirinhas and more...

With the World Cup in full swing now, I was interested in learning a little about Brazilian cocktails.  As Brazil is arguably the party country of the world, apart from Caipirinhas (cachaca rum, lime, sugar and ice), I have never had any other Brazilian drink, and frankly, why would I when Caipirinhas are divine!

Apparently a Caipirinha without lime is a Batida so now I'm looking forward to trying a strawberry Batida this weekend...

Strawberry Batida via All These Drinks
Rose Petal Caipirinha from Pinterest
Other fruits used in a Batida are lemon, passion fruit and coconut.  All sound equally delicious!

Some Brazilian inspiration below, just in time for the weekend (oh and of course the next round of the Football World Cup...)
Brazilian Pineapple and Coconut Batida from Pinterest
Brazilian Lemonade from The Recipe Critic
Brazilian Pineapple Juice from The House That Lars Built
From Pinterest
Caipirinha Lime with Coconut Water and Popsicles!
Football World Cup Party via Projetos Inventivos Blog
Australia might be out of this year's World Cup but the boys did us proud!
For more inspiration visit my Brazilian World Cup Pinterest Board.


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  1. How amazing recipe! I love this cocktail. You know I have seen this many times but never tried at home. Anyways, I would like to try out some unique Green drink recipes at home. Can you share some interesting recipes?