mint + fizz started as a business specialising in refreshment stands and has evolved to now include styling and photography of products.


Styling | Products can be sent to mint + fizz for styling and in return receive social media ready photos (instagram, facebook, twitter), website quality pics and/or original pics.

Please contact us at mintandfizz@gmail.com to discuss options or visit our instagram page for examples of our work.


Refreshment Stands | We make our own drinks from scratch using fresh, high quality ingredients (organic available on request). Drinks are usually fizzy and all include fruit and/or herbs.

Favourites include:

* raspberry and lemon
* mixed berry
* elderflower and strawberry
* strawberry, lemon and lime
* lemon and mint
* lime and mint
* pineapple, lime and mint

Due to licensing laws we can't supply alcohol, however we can supply suitable beverages ready for you to add your own liquor!

Please contact us at mintandfizz@gmail.com for further information and a quote or refer to our contact us page for more options.

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