Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Flashback - Star Wars Birthday Party

A couple of years ago my son insisted on a Star Wars party for his 7th birthday. More recently he has been into various sports but at the time ninjas, laser tag and Star Wars were a 7 year old's idea of heaven!  

This was a party at home that wasn't as sophisticated as they are now - cake pops hadn't even been invented! We used pool foam noodles for light sabers which were wrapped in kitchen foil at the ends and sealed with black electricians' tape.  Unfortunately these didn't survive too well with 15 or so 7 year old boys attacking each other but they did the job for a few entertaining hours! 

Star Wars Party - Cupcakes
The main theme was "Star Wars blue" and silver and on the party table included Yoda Soda (lemon and limeade with soda water), Chewbacca Chips, Hoth Dogs, Falcon Fruit and Skywalker Sandwiches (Death Star cookie cutters were used). 

Following are a few photos from his party and some amazing Star Wars parties found on Pinterest and other blogs (photos are referenced if known).

Star Wars Party - Yoda Soda & Hoth Dogs
Star Wars Party - Chewbacca Chips
Star Wars Party - Skywalker Sandwiches, Falcon Fruit & Hoth Dogs
Awesome Star Wars Party Table
Star Wars Party - Yoda Soda and Asteroid Chocolate
Amazing Light Saber Cupcakes

May the force be with you...

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