Monday, 17 March 2014

Minty Monday No. 2

It is St Paddy's Day today

Guiness via Style Me Pretty

and I am married to an Irishman (a proper born and bred one) and so that makes my children half Irish. Do you know what we will do today to celebrate?

Very little!  It is Monday, it is a school day, it is basketball after school day and I am the car pool driver today.  I will be late and therefore dinner will be very simple. It may be green but probably not very Irish.

Here are some gorgeous pictures of what I should have done to celebrate... there's always next year!

Shamrock Straws via The Sweetest Occasion

Green Tiered Ombre Cake via Pinterest

Shamrock Shakes via She Knows

Shamrock Rock Candy via Pinterest

Cheers and have a sip of the black stuff today.

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